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Becoming a Sponsor Member is your ticket to amazing art in your mailbox. Since 1988, the SNAPline Newsletter program has commissioned 4 exceptional, diverse and exciting artists a year to create a limited edition of prints, one of which is sent to your home each quarter. You will also receive the SNAPline Newsletter which features articles, organization news and informs you of the exciting and innovative in the print art world.

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  • A Mirror Image of…



    These prints are making faces at you. Twohalves is a series of copper engravings from Koichi Yamamoto, that are composed of bisymmetrical designs which create their own personality.

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  • Get Pressed


    Weekend Workshop

    SNAP‘s AIR, Brittney Roy leads a workshop in embossing. Learn how to sculpt paper into a pressed image and use the technique to add unique aspects to your paper art.

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  • Fall Education


    Print Classes

    Registration for SNAP‘s fall classes are now online! Reserve your spot in our popular printmaking courses and learn how to Silkscreen, do Plate Lithography and Letterpress. More classes after the jump!

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