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15th Anniversary Portfolio


Exhibition Dates

February 20 – March 15, 1997

Opening Reception

Thursday, February 27, 1997
Artists in attendance

The Portfolio

SNAP‘s 15th Anniversary commemorative project was initiated by SNAP members who wished to contribute to the Society’s programs. The two-volume limited edition portfolio represents the creative efforts of twenty artists who donated their time and art. Each volume includes works by 10 artists, many of whom have received awards and international recognition for their prints. This elegant collector’s portfolio of etchings, lithographs, serigraphs and relief prints on archival paper has been designed and produced in the printmaking workshop at SNAP.

SNAP’s Fifteenth Anniversary Portfolio, 1997 – Contributors

The following artists donated their time, supplies and artistic talents to produce the prints found in this portfolio. The intent of the portfolio is to raise funds to support and help expand SNAP’s programming as government funding has been cut back and we must rely more on private sector contributions. As a thank you to anyone wishing to become a benefactor of our organization, SNAP would like to offer this portfolio. Monies received will go to help fulfill our vision to educate the public, especially school age children in the ways of printmaking and value of this historical art form today.

Volume 1

DAVID ARMSTRONG‘s “Screen Measure Between Release and Return” is a combination of etching, screenprint and chine collé on Lana Gravure paper. One of David’s concerns in this print was to create a kind of transparent materiality; a reflection of echo that draw near, touches and separates. There is a mingling of eye and image that passes through and reflects back, a kind of filtered perception. David graduated from University of Alberta’s Printmaking Division with a BFA with distinction in 1995. He also was recipient of the KPMG senior printmaking award that same year. Currently David divides his time between Kathleen Laverty Gallery as a part-time assistant, and his SNAP studio.

MIKE BOWMAN, a 1994 university of Alberta graduate (BFA) has created an evocative print employing a combination of photo-intaglio, etching, waterless lithography and chine collé techniques. The image, which is printed on Arches paper, derives from European architectural influences set in a Japanese context. Mike was recipient of the ITSUKAICHI Artist-In-Residence Award in 1996 and spent 3 months in Tokyo, Japan. While there he was able to experience customs, stories and beliefs that help define the Japanese, which in turn helped him to better understand his own ancestry. His work reflects some of the emotions and sensations he feels while exploring sacred places. Mike, currently SNAP’s president, spends most of his waking hours ensuring the Society is running smoothly. This is surely a labour of love, as he frequently foregoes sleep, food and money to meet the never-ending deadlines!

PATRICIA DIMARCELLO’s (BFA, University of Alberta, 1995) minimalist piece “Death Amongst US Brings Renewal” is a Chine collé collograph, hand-embossed relief print, which uses texture, shape, and line below, as well as, above the main paper surface to activate the paper into a subtle image, idea or feeling. She produced this print during a particularly difficult time for her family, with the passing away of several close relative hence the title of her image.

NICK DOBSON is a licensed pipe fitter, as well as, an artist (BFA, University of Alberta: MFA, University of Calgary, 1994). He spends much of his time working on boilers on rigs and his artwork reflects his interest in man’s relationship with tools and technology. The trust man has to place in his fellow workers, as well as, the equipment with which he works, also interests Nick. “Exchanger” is a relief-rolled woodcut printed on Arches. Nick currently holds the position of President of Latitude 53 Society of Artists, which has long been a supporter of SNAP’s activates.

LIZ INGRAM is a Professor of Art and Design at University of Alberta, since 1975. Her work has appeared in numerous shows and collections both nationally and internationally, and she has won several prestigious awards at printmaking biennials. “Aqueous Inception” is printed on Lana Gravure paper and was created from two photo-etched copper plates using four colours applied with the “a la Poupee” method. With the help of light, Liz analyzes the forces of life, which help her internalize the external world through a synthesis of reality and illusion, of observation and the imagination.

ILONA KENNEDY (BFA, University of Alberta, 1991) recently has been working on a series of prints based on an ancient Templar Site called La Couvertoirade, located in Languedoc, France, not for from Provence and the Mediterranean. The architectural details of this particular village in combination with its stillness and emptiness was simultaneously beautiful yet eerie. Ilonas’s imagination conjured up ghostly images from the past, especially in the form of children. She could almost hear and see them playing in the nooks and crannies as they must have done hundreds of years ago. “The Visitor” is a screen print of nine colours, printed on Rives BFK paper. Ilona’s prints have been accepted in several international biennales, including the R.O.C.’s 5th International Biennial Print Exhibition (Silver Prize).

MARIA ANNA PAROLIN currently is a Masters student in the Printmaking Division at the University of Alberta and recipient of an Alberta Foundation for the Arts Graduate Scholarship. She spent the summer or 1995 in Italy at the Stamparia in Venice where she worked as a printmaking apprentice to Roberta Mazzatto. This past year she has taken hundreds of photographs of hands, which she uses as source material for her four-foot-long gestural drawings. She is interested in exploring how to transfer onto copper plate, the loose mark making quality of these works while retaining their rich tonality. “Fingers and Toes” is an etching on Shanghai China Paper adhered to Arches

DARYL RYDMAN received his MFA in painting from University of Alberta in 1993. “Rayon Love is a laser copy of Mylar printed on Fabriano paper. This print furthers an investigation into the relationship between technology and tradition; reproduction and artistic authorship tempered by a cautious love for the new. Daryl is a seasonal lecturer at the University and devotes much of his time exploring and pushing the definition of the boundaries of art. His work will be featured in the SNAP Gallery in 1997 with that of installation artist Blair Brennan.

LOREN SPECTOR’s “Aphrodisiac” is an etching and relief print, employing three plates in two colours. Two additional colours are added by hand tinting. The work is printed on RIVES BFK paper. The subject matter integrates mythology, superstition and history as they collude with corporeal reality. Loren received her BFA from University of Alberta in 1988 and s currently working from a studio at SNAP. She also teaches art full-time to students at W.P. Wagner High School.

ANGUS WYATT, mixed media installation artist, musician, and cook extra ordinaire, received his BFA from University of Alberta in 1989. “Sea of Fools” is a “bleed print” silkscreen on Somerset paper. It has been coated with varnish to give it a shiny appearance. In Angus’s own words, “Insider, outcast, confidant and entertainer, the fool is afforded entrance to the high court but is denied social status. Sound familiar?” Angus has been working with the image of the jester for some time now, as he explores societies’ hypocrisies. Angus, also, can be found at SNAP, where he shares his studio with “le fou”. An eloquent and learned chap, he recently received a grant from Alberta Foundation for the Arts to be an artist in residence” at a local high school.

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