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Current Exhibitions

main gallery

SNAP invites members and guests to A Modern Cult of Monuments by Colin Lyons.

A Modern Cult of Monuments

Colin Lyons

Exhibition Dates

Oct 14t, 2016 – Nov 26, 2016
Opening Reception: Friday, October 14th
Artist Talk Friday, October 14th, 6pm

Why is our first instinct to polish the concrete and grind off the rust, effectively cleansing a space of its industrial heritage? A Modern Cult of Monuments attempts to grapple with this question by considering planned obsolescence and the nature of historical preservation efforts. Fusing printmaking, sculpture, video, and chemical experiments, this project reintroduces the evidence of labour into the restoration process: the act of polishing bringing a sharpened awareness to the work that was once performed with these fragments. These absurdly inefficient processes evoke an alchemical creation of time, memory, and historical aura.

Community Gallery

To Do

Graeme Dearden

Exhibition Dates

Oct 14, 2016 – Nov 26, 2016
Opening Reception: Friday, Oct 14th

SNAP invites members and guests to Graeme Dearden To Do exhibition.
Graeme Dearden is an artist and writer from Calgary AB. He received a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Glass) from The Alberta College of Art + Design, in 2015. Dearden’s practice focuses on his interest in the process of object making.

The exhibition interrogates his “intrigue with why people, including himself, make objects and how the methods they use convey their personal history”.

Dearden’s work is created through the use of written notes that are used functionally during his work hours and nota¬tions that are used during his shifts and recreational hours. To Do: is made up of abstracted silkscreen prints which act as a response to his experience as a manual labourer.

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