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Nancy Fox

Red Floret


Artist’s Statement

‘The work that I do is influenced by graphic design. I have worked as a graphic designer on and off for about twelve years. The use of the computer and its digital attributes translate easily into my print process, but the graphic influence is also evident in the strong modernist compositions and the vivid colour. The most obvious role of the digital in my work is to reproduce photographs into a dot screen that I can print in either silkscreen or photo-litho plates. I have in most cases enlarged the dot structure more than necessary so that the pattern of combined dots is visible. I am interested in the way the four-colour commercial process translates images and colour in particular. By reducing the DPI (dots per inch) I have found that the structure or system of the four-colour process is more visible.’

Nancy Fox has an MFA (Printmaking) from the U of A. She is a visual-art instructor. She was in the 1997Alberta Print-Artists Cooperatives Exhibition at SNAP Gallery. Nancy created the Summer 2001 newsletter print for SNAP’s quarterly, and she is scheduled to have a solo exhibition at SNAP Gallery in 2003.

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