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The best way to reach us directly:
April Dean (Executive Director)

Morgan Wedderspoon (Communications Coordinator)

Amanda McKenzie (Printshop and Programs Coordinator)

General Inquiries:
Address: 10123 – 121 Street
Edmonton, AB T5N 3W9



“My work creates spaces of experience that explore cyclical power dynamics through subjects such as mythology, gender performativity, and pop culture legacies. Studying situations of submission, violence, labor, horror, capital, cliche, and novelty, I push to create images that sit between the familiar and the disturbing, alluding to something sinister which lies beneath our interactions with others.” – Isabelle Kuzio

Feature by Stephanie Bailey.

Newsletter Print created by artist Isabelle Kuzio.

SNAPline Winter 2017: YOUTH CULTURE

FALL 2017

“I believe it’s an exciting time for printmaking in Saskatoon because it’s a time when it’s becoming less tied to institutions. We now see it moving into more public spaces that better reflect what our communities want it to be.” – Michael Peterson, Reflections on Starting an Artist-Run Centre

Essay by Michael Peterson.

Newsletter Print created by artist Cate Francis.

SNAPline Fall 2017: SASKATOON

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SNAPline is SNAP's quarterly newsletter

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