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Professional Development

SNAP Announces 2017 Professional Development Series:

Studio Demonstrations & Workshops for Artists

SNAP is implementing a series of professional development studio demonstrations and workshops that are tailored for Artists who already have a working knowledge of basic printmaking practices and want to further develop or refine particular skills and techniques.

CMYK Lithography Demonstration

Saturday, August 19 & Sunday, August 20: 10 am – 5 pm
This workshop has been cancelled due to low enrolment.
We plan to offer it again in the Spring – more information to come!

2 classes (1 Weekend)
Marc Siegner //
Maximum 10 participants
$175 for SNAP members // $192 for non-members

Get back into printing on the offset press and refresh your litho skills during this two-day weekend workshop that will focus on CMYK lithography printing process. The CMYK colour separation process is used by printmakers to achieve a full range of colours using a limited number of printing layers and plates. Participants will be guided through the full process by SNAP’s Co-Founder and Printmaker Marc Siegner who will demonstrate the initial Photoshop processes of how to prepare digital files, split image layers and print films. Afterwards a refresher on how to expose and develop the photolithograph plate will be shown as well as an in-depth demonstration and discussion about ink mixing, roll-up techniques, registration and printing the colour layers. Participants may bring an image to work on digitally to practice separating layers and to ask questions, but they will not be printing their own image, as it is a demonstration workshop. Each participant will take home one of the printed demonstration prints.

  • Participants will need to have previous experience in photolithography or plate lithography processes.


Saturday, September 9: 10 am – 5 pm
1 class (Saturday)
Sean Caulfield //
Maximum 8 participants
$120 for SNAP members // $132 for non-members

During this one-day workshop learn all about chine-collé from artist and printmaker Sean Caulfield. Chine-Collé is a technique in which thin rice papers or other delicate papers are adhered to heavier weight rag papers using rice paste and a printing press. This technique allows artists to print their images on more delicate papers to achieve finer details from the printing matrix. Demonstrations will be shown on how to chine-collé using traditional methods as well as using more contemporary collage methods. You will want to bring a selection of your own non-water soluble images and papers that are ready to chine-collé to use during the workshop; you may also bring plates to use to print and chine-collé at the same time (intaglio plates are recommended for this method). After a range of experimental explorations during the workshop the group will collaborate and chine-collé a paste-up of images onto the Printshop’s Jasper Avenue Window wall. Participants may want to bring a variety of sized chine-collé pieces for both pasting on paper (smaller size) and for the wall paste-up (larger size).

  • This workshop is ideal for those who have had an introduction to intaglio, lithography, relief or monotype processes and want to continue to learn new techniques. Previous printing experience is required as this is a one-day workshop intended to use papers that artists have already printed on and prepared.

Chine-Collé Workshop
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