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The best way to reach us directly:
April Dean (Executive Director)

Morgan Wedderspoon (Communications Coordinator)

Amanda McKenzie (Printshop and Programs Coordinator)

General Inquiries:
Address: 10123 – 121 Street
Edmonton, AB T5N 3W9


SNAP’s facilities include: Letterpress, Silkscreen, Intaglio, Relief, Offset Lithography, Digital Media and Black & White Photo Processing

SNAP’s Printshop provides print-artists with the ability to produce work in a professional, and safe environment. SNAP’s print shop features facilities in Intaglio, Offset Lithography, Relief, Silkscreen, a Darkroom for photographers and the only publicly accessible letterpress in northern Alberta. In 2015 SNAP received a grant from the Edmonton Community Foundation to fund a Digital Lab for the purpose to support and assist artists in the research and production of fine art prints.

Venting and special drainage systems in the Printshop allow artists to work safely throughout the creation process. SNAP’s Printshop enables printmakers working in a wide range of media to continue their artistic endeavours.

Rental Privileges to the Printshop are only granted to members of SNAP.

Access Requirements

Due to the highly technical nature of printmaking, all renters must go through an admission process to gain access to the Printshop facility. This admission process ensures that the safety of the printmaker and the integrity of the equipment are preserved.

Admission for renting at SNAP Printshop is assessed through an interview with the Printshop and Programs Coordinator. Please schedule an orientation interview by emailing the Printshop and Programs Coordinator Orientation Interviews take between 45 – 60 minutes and will cover the Printshop and Safety Orientation and go over the Rental Agreement. At the time of the interview, artists must show technical proficiency and be prepared to discuss their planned use for shop equipment.


At the Admissions Interview and Orientation the Printshop and Programs Coordinator will grant access based on the applicant’s skills and experience. Renters will fall under two access categories:

Limited access
  • Day use only during office hours Tuesday to Saturday 12:00 – 5:00 pm (hours are subject to change and are posted on the Printshop and Programs Coordinator’s office door).
  • Granted to a renter that has limited printmaking experience.
Unlimited access
  • 24hr access, 7 days a week.
  • Granted to a renter with a minimum of a Bachelor of Fine Arts (with a specialization in Printmaking) or recent experience working in a communal Printshop.
  • The decision of the Printshop and Programs Coordinator is final. Applicants may reapply if needed six months from first application. Applicants are encouraged to take an Education Program at SNAP or attend Open Studio to improve their skills and experience.

Printshop Facilities

Digital Lab
  • Epson Stylus Pro 9990 44” printer.
  • Epson Expression 11000 XL Scanner (photo) of up to 2400 dpi resolution and 48 bit colour.
  • 3— 27 inch 5 K retina display iMacs with full Adobe Creative Suite programs.
  • Desktop Ricoh printer that prints 8.5×11” and 11×17” Black and White toner proofs and screen positives.
  • Epson WXGA 3LCD Wireless Data Projector.
  • Canon EOS Rebel T5 DSLR Camera.

Intaglio and Relief Printing Equipment
  • 3 Presses for woodblock, collagraph, etching, plate litho, chine colle.
    • Handcrank Press – 18×36” bed size.
    • Handcrank Press = 36×60” bed size.
    • Electric Glen Alps Press – 40×66” bed size
  • Assorted felts and blankets for printing and editioning felts.
  • Plastic paper soaking sink.
  • Horizontal ferric chloride acid bath.
Letterpress Printing Equipment
  • Vandercook SP20 Proof Press – 20” x 34.5” bed size
  • Challenge 15MP Precision Proof Press – 15” x 25.25” bed size
  • Furniture and limited amount of metal and wood type
Plate Lithography Printing Equipment
  • Hunter Penrose LittleJohn Deffa Offset Press – 28.5×38” plate and paper size
  • Positive Plate Pad Developer
Darkroom and Photo Exposure Equipment
  • Enlarger with lenses and film holders for 35 mm, medium format and large format negatives
  • Darkroom sink for developing and processing materials
  • Amergraph Advantage 150 Exposure Unit (for plates and screens), capacity of 30×40”
  • Screen and plate developing sink
Screen Printing Equipment
  • 5 Printing tables
  • 2 Horizontal light tables
  • Screen coating room and coated light safe screen storage
  • Screen storage room
  • Washout room with power spray washer
  • Single T-shirt press
  • Drying rack 30×43”
  • Assorted squeegees
  • Assorted screens available for rent
General Printshop Equipment
  • 2 Drying Racks 30×43”.
  • Paper Shears.
  • Stack Paper Shear.
  • Cutting and Paper Tearing Station.
  • Assorted Rollers and Brayers.
  • Hot Plate.
  • Drying boards for paper stretching.
  • Matcutter.
  • Metal Plate Shear.
  • Renter Plan chests and storage cupboards.

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