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The best way to reach us directly:
April Dean (Executive Director)

Morgan Wedderspoon (Communications Coordinator)

Amanda McKenzie (Printshop and Programs Coordinator)

General Inquiries:
Address: 10123 – 121 Street
Edmonton, AB T5N 3W9

SNAP Calendar Collective

The future is bolder and brighter!

SNAP‘s Calendar Collective presents 2017

SNAP welcomes you with open arms and good wishes to a new year. This year’s calendar collective paired two artists per month in which one artist contributed screen-printed elements and the other printing vintage lead type and hand carved linoleum blocks on our Vandercook and Challenge proofing letterpresses. Each talented artist pair used various approaches to collaborate; some planned each component of the print together, while others responded to what their partner initially printed. This year’s calendar consists of 13 pages created by 26 artists, printed on 1430 pieces of rag paper with an impressive 32 layers of silkscreen and 28 layers of letterpress. All of the artists created intriguing imagery through layers and creative choices resulting in a diverse and vibrant fine art calendar.

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